All New BMW X3M and X4 M with New Engines

February 18, 2019/Steve Tackett

We all knew for a long time that the full M models of the X3 and X4 were coming and here they have finally arrived. You just need to take a first glance at these new cars to be able to clearly differentiate between these improved M models and their sister regular X3 and X4 models.


Talking about the appearance, the unique front and rear bumpers are a change from the regular models, they seem to pull these cars visually down and their fenders look sleeker than the regular models. The iconic and signature M style mirrors are also provided and these cars come with the standard 20 inch wheel base.

Now coming to the main component, the engine, just by a look at those four exhaust pipes under the hood are enough to tell you the engine has changed and has become more powerful. A long overdue change from the S55 to the 3.0L S58 has been made and it has resulted in a remarkably sturdy engine which can be used to work under high pressure and torque. Compared to the B58, the M models have increased the bore and shortened the stroke of S58 which has resulted in a 7300 rpm engine which is uncharacteristically powerful for a twin turbo charged engine.

bmw-x3m -2020

The Base versions of these cars produce 473 horsepowers from 5600-7300 rpms while the competition models do 503 pony powers from 5930- 7300 rpms. When it comes to torque, the torque for both models is same at 442 lb-ft from 2600 to 5500 rpms.

Performance of the models is ultra-high with the highest speeds being 155 mph and 174 mph for standard governed and raised governor for the regular model while the speed is at 177 mph for raised governor of competition models. The acceleration is at 4.1 sec for 60 mph for regular models while 4 sec for competition models.

All-wheel drive system taken from the M5 remains unchanged but it lacks the rear-wheel-drive-only setting of the V8-powered sedan, though you fear not as rear-wheel-drive option wouldn’t sit well with the philosophy of BMW’s X models and  Rear-biased by default, it can be further sharpened in order to let the driver go sideways.


These models are also equipped with the electronically controlled special M features such as the stabilizer bars for front an back, anti roll bars and struts and braces in order to make this a stiffer body which is even better to drive.  The rear mounted active differential makes these models even more agile and these M models also have an electric power steering unit.

Designated for a U.S. launch on July 13, the X3 M starts in at $69,900, with the Competition model wanting an extra $7,000, while the X4 M is starting at $73,400 and $80,400 respectively. Seeing that the 355-horsepower X3 M40i costs $54,650 (and the X4 M40i comes in at $60,450), the 473-horsepower X3 M and X4 M models seem almost a bargain.

Plus they are bound to give their competition something to run for their money.

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