An Electric Demon on the Horizon: The New 2020 Tesla Roadster

February 18, 2019/Steve Tackett

We are sure that by now everyone has heard of Tesla because of it’s out of the league innovations with electric cars that are capable of giving modern day gasoline based cars a run for their money. So what if we tell you that the original series that put Tesla on the world map is returning for 2020? Yes, the Tesla Roadster is returning in an all-new look, with all new tech and an all-powerful electrical system. Boasted to be the fastest car in the world in terms of acceleration, this one is expected to be even more successful than the original one launched which was launched more than a decade ago in 2008 when the technology the was still young.

The new Tesla Roadster 2020 that has been named as the Roadster Mk2 is scheduled for arrival in 2020 and by all means, it is touted to be the most advanced electric car as well as the most advanced Tesla ever plus one of the highlights and the best cars of 2020. This stylish car which is a 2+2 and has a glass roof with some of the finest and glossy colors is expected to be amongst the most unique car the moment it arrives in 2020, but given the punctuality record of Mr Musk and his team of Tesla, a later date is never excluded.

tesla roadster

Coming to the features of this electric monster, the all-new 2020 Tesla Roadster Mk2 will be an all-wheel drive(as expected) that has an ample of power and range to back it up. Having three big and high performing electric motors which will enable this car to produce exorbitant amounts of power that is enough to take this car to 60 miles an hour from a stationary position in just 1.6 seconds and a wheel torque of 10,000 Nm, plus a top speed that is around the mark of 250 miles per hour, this one is a high flying car that is sturdy as easy to control as well. Thanks to the huge electric battery with a capacity of 200 kWh, this one is a machine made for marathon runs because it has a range of around a mind-boggling 620 miles when on a full charge.

This new toy from Musk is not only expected to be ludicrously fast, but it is also expected that Tesla is planning to install the latest autonomous driving units and software in the mix which will also make it a tech-savvy car, more than what it already is.

Last but not least, everything good has a price, everything great has a huge price while everything that technologically ingenious and innovatively mind-boggling has a hefty price. Expected to come around a hefty price of $200,000 with a booking amount of $50,000, this one is for the rich interested in electric machinery. While the rare and less produced Founders’ model is coming for $250,000 with the price of it to paid upfront, the normal base model comes at $200,000 with a payment upfront set at $50,000.

This all-new Tesla Roadster was expected for a long time and finally, it is becoming a reality for the fans of this crazy electric vehicle-making company that is already doing wonders in the automobile industry. Expected to be a huge success, bigger than the original one, you have to count in the experience gained from previous models and expect Tesla to deliver an ingenious car. We are excited about the launch of this, we hope you are as well.

The New 2020 Tesla Roadster

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