Top 7 Hybrid and Electric Cars in 2019

May 24, 2019/Steve Tackett

Here is the list of top 7 Best Hybrid and Electric Cars according to report 2019

Rank # Car Brand Transmission Drivetrain MPG Engine
1 Camry Hybrid Toyota Automatic Front Wheel Drive 2.5 L/152 51 City / 53 Hwy Gas/Electric I-4 2.5 L/152
2 Accord Hybrid Honda Automatic Front Wheel Drive 2.0 L/122 48 City / 48 Hwy Gas/Electric I-4 2.0 L/122
3 Avalon Hybrid Toyota Automatic Front Wheel Drive 2.5 L/152 43 City / 44 Hwy Gas/Electric I-4 2.5 L/152
4 Optima Hybrid Kia Automatic Front Wheel Drive 2.0 L/122 39 City / 45 Hwy Gas/Electric I-4 2.0 L/122
5 Prius Toyota Automatic Front Wheel Drive 1.8 L/110 54 City / 50 Hwy Gas/Electric I-4 1.8 L/110
6 Bolt Chevrolet Automatic Front Wheel Drive N/A Electric
7 Malibu Hybrid Chevrolet Automatic Front Wheel Drive 1.8L/- TBD 49 City / 43 Hwy Gas/Electric I4 1.8L/- TBD

Hybrid cars in 2019 are increasingly in high demand as the dual-fuel vehicles are getting more and more popularity these days. A hybrid car is always better than an electric car for a reason that a hybrid car is a kind of electric car that depends on additional petrol or diesel engine to develop some of the propulsion. Presently, there is a huge line of hybrid cars on sale so we bring to you this article which explains which is best for you as per your requirements and budget.

1. Toyota Camry Hybrid

Camry is designed with a powerful 4th generation, 2.5L petrol engine where a dynamic force 4-cylinder is incorporated with a self-charging electric motor. This in result delivers an optimum output, emission performance and efficiency. It has different modes that are built to offer a tailor-made drive.

2. Honda Accord Hybrid

Honda Accord is a sports hybrid designed with an I-MMD i.e., intelligent multi-mode drive which is a cutting-edge Honda-developed power train by Earth Dreams Technology series. Accord is sure to deliver its riders an enjoyable driving with exceptional fuel economy and comfortable interiors.

3. Toyota Avalon Hybrid

Toyota Avalon is made to deliver a smooth ride along with a capable handling and various driver assistant features. It is fully redesigned for 2019 and is loaded with a lot of standard advanced safety features, quiet upscale cabin, efficient hybrid power-train and comfortable ride quality.

4. Kia Optima Hybrid

Kia Optima is packed with various standard driver assistance features like rear cross traffic alert, blind spot monitoring, autonomous emergency braking and lane change assistance. Kia offers a smooth ride with adequate amount of power.

5. Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius is loaded with 2 energy sources operating in efficient tandem. This hybrid EV delivers a supreme driving experience no matter what the weather or driving conditions are. It works intelligently to switch between the sources. Its multi-dimensional switches at the steering wheel ensure that you don’t have to take your hands off the steering wheel. So now, swiftly switch modes between normal, electric vehicle and eco power, whatever suits your driving style.

6. Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt is the first affordable car to provide 238 miles of range on a single charge along with its long list of impressive features. The features include large space room and remarkable looks. Also, Bolt EV calls for lesser maintenance than a gas vehicle.


7. Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

Chevrolet Malibu comes with a refreshing design with a refined interior at an unbelievable price. Its turbocharged 1.5L engine equips many a fuel-saving technologies like variable valve timing, stop/start technology and direct injection.

These were the top 7 hybrid cars however; different styles and environment may call for different power trains. For instance, for a long-distance journey, it is better to go for an efficient, modern diesel or petrol engine instead of going about a heavy battery. While if you just drive around your city, you must consider a complete electric car. And if you’re driving falls somewhere in between the highs and lows it is best to opt for a hybrid car. Whatever floats your boat!