Everyone wants to look look young, have smooth and unwrinkled skin immaterial of their age or how they have cared for their bodies. You can always visit a cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles and have various procedures carried out, or take Botox injections, or have your skin lasered, but one alternative that is rapidly becoming popular is plasma fibroblast therapy.

What is this therapy? Plasma fibroblast Los Angeles is an elective beauty procedure that is aesthetic and can tighten, improve, and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. It is a therapy that targets the fibroblast cells. These are cells that produce the protein and collagen in the the dermis layer which is just under your outermost layer of skin. These cells, the fibroblasts, are important for maintaining the tightness and firmness of the skin, and also of great help in healing when your skin receives a wound. It is performed across LA, have a look at fibroblastplasmapens.com/los-angeles/

In this therapy, a device that looks like a pen, is used to discharge a charge or arc that is at a high frequency. The pen has a tip that will not touch the skin, but releases an arc just above the surface of the skin. The result of this high frequency discharge is to create a very small tear in the surface layer of the skin, in a reaction that is referred to as sublimation.

Plasma fibroblast Los Angeles causes a thermal disruption in the skin. This heat damage helps in breaking down the proteins in the skin, encourages the regeneration of tissue, stimulates activity in fibroblast cells, and leads to contraction of the skin. It is a non-surgical procedure that can be of use in treating scars caused by acne, removing age spots, to treat wrinkled skin in the jawline, neck, eyelids and skin above the lips. It can also be used to treat, seborrheic keratosis, a non-cancerous skin growth that affects the elderly, and is normally treated by cryosurgery.

The treatment is virtually painless, though the beauty technician will apply a numbing cream on the area of skin to be treated. The results will last for many years, and costs just a fraction of what cosmetic surgery will do. Most professionals who carry out this therapy, will give you a free consultation before you are given a quote. You can have the same area treated again after 8 weeks after the skin is completely healed. You need not stay away from work, but during the healing you will have crusts where the pen has been directed, and these will fall off within a week. Women may not be able to use any makeup until the healing is completed and all the crusts have fallen off.

The procedure starts with cleaning of the skin and the application of a skin numbing cream. The cream can take up to half an hour to become effective. The treatment then starts with the microcurrents in the pen making dots on the skin and forming scabs at the points that are touched. The numbing cream is then removed and replaced by a soothing gel. Procedures rarely last for more than an hour, after which you are free to leave. After the treatment, the area of the skin will look as if it has red spots at regular intervals.